Why you Need to Upgrade your Bathroom 

What’s the best part about going to a hotel? It’s not the (overpriced) mini bar, or the fact that you have to share a room with your two night-owl kids. It’s the bathroom! That warm, luxurious bathroom brimming with the little touches that make your stay extraordinary. The neatness of it, with ample room for your hair appliances and makeup; the beautiful countertop and backsplash; that relaxing rain shower – the perfect counterpart to the long soak in the deep tub; and the ability to walk away from it in the morning and come back at night to the bathroom cleaned and resorted to its former glory. 

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Don’t you want this same feeling at home? Of course you do, and it’s well within your reach! You may have to bribe the kids to clean the bathroom daily, but you can upgrade your existing bathroom and turn it into a luxurious spa worthy of the finest hotel. 

Here’s why you need to upgrade your bathroom. 

Winters are cold 

Right now, winter’s icy grip has taken a hold of the province. As your bare feet hit those cold bathroom tiles, you are well aware that warmer weather is months and months away. You need to upgrade your bathroom so you can have heated floors. 

A heated bathroom floor is an affordable luxury that many people overlook because they simply don’t realize it’s a possibility; however, it’s more than a nice touch. It can be good for your health too. In-floor heating is more efficient than conventional heating. It also reduces the necessity of forced air, which, in turn, greatly improves air quality (a real boon for asthma suffers). Those with poor circulation in their legs also find stepping onto warm tiles on a cold winter morning comforting. 

Self-care is important 

Self-care is a major part of physical and mental health. In these days of constant connectivity, the only place to escape the pace of life can be in the bathroom. The boss may want you to keep your phone on during vacation, but nobody can fault you for not carrying your laptop and smartphone into the bathroom! You need to upgrade your bathroom so you can truly escape and have the moments to yourself that you deserve. 

What better way to refresh and relax your mind and body than with the ultimate bathtub and shower? A standard bathtub is too short and too shallow for a proper soak, so opt for a deep tub or a jetted tub. Not a fan of baths? An upgraded shower with dual water efficient rain showerheads (each with multiple settings) is a great way to get the massage you need without leaving your home.  

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Market value 

Whether you plan to live in the home until it passes to your children as part of your estate, or if you plan to up or down size, you need your home to retain or increase its value. You need to upgrade your bathroom because it’s a guaranteed way to increase the value of your home. 

Bathroom renovations provide an incredibly high return on investment. Potential buyers love a luxurious bathroom, and know that an upgraded one is likely free of the mould and water issues that can come with older homes.  

When thinking about your renovation dollars, don’t just stop at the dream kitchen and finished basement. Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It, and you, deserve a little spoiling too.