Financing Options Available

Home Fix offers financing for all projects to improve your home's value

  • Credit Specialist who works directly with Home Fix allows worry free renovations
  • Invest in your own home with affordable payments
  • Upgrade your home while you upgrade your net worth
  • Enjoy the investment you make in your own house

Home Renovation Financing Options

There are many different reasons to renovate a home: to save energy (and save on utility bills), to make room for a growing family, to improve safety, increase the resale value of your home, or simply to bring a fresh new look to your home. There are also a number of different ways to finance your renovation. Contact HomeFix to obtain information for a number of financing options, along with practical advice to consider before starting your renovation project. 

Before You Begin

Whether you intend to finance your renovation yourself or borrow money, you should talk to Home fix’s financial specialist before you make firm plans. They can help you understand your options, and advise you on how much you can borrow and even pre-approve you for a loan. This information will help you plan realistically.

Ask us any questions you may have about financing your home-renovation needs.

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