A green home promotes energy efficiency, healthier occupants, and higher resale value. We are the top home renovators in Calgary that add green elements to your home, or provide a complete renovation to make your dwelling as close to net zero as possible.

We renovate homes in Calgary to maximize their eco-friendly appeal by incorporating energy efficient lighting, windows, and appliances; sourcing hardwoods from sustainable forests (like bamboo) or from renewable sources (such as cork, which is harvested without destroying the tree). Switching to blown-in insulation dramatically decreases your home’s heat exchange with the outdoors, and increases its fire safety. An efficient HVAC system lowers your energy bills and increases indoor air quality. Good green practices mean low maintenance and high longevity.

Our green Calgary home renovations never sacrifice style or function. You truly can have it all! An energy-efficient, eco-friendly home that is stylish, updated, and perfectly suited to the needs of your family.

Whether you want your project to be totally green, or just upgraded with some green elements, our team will help you make the right choices. HomeFix is committed to using methods and materials that are warrantable and long-lasting.

Let the design + remodel + resale team at HomeFix work with you to transform your home today. Contact us for a consultation. Email: info@thehomefix.ca or phone: (403) 612-7225.