Why New Isn’t Always Better in Home Renovation

The purpose of a home renovation is to have brand new finishes, appliances, paint and décor, right? Not always! There are some times when incorporating old and used elements is the right choice. Here are a few times when new isn’t better in home renovation.

Preserving Character

If you are resorting a home that has very particular period elements, such as Victorian or Tudor, new appliances and finishes may erode some of that timeless charm. Instead, consider sourcing antique or classic pieces that complement the new aspects of the renovation. A wood burning pipe stove in the den, reclaimed marble or butchers block in the kitchen, an authentic pizza stove on the grilling porch – these new-to-you elements really elevate the final product while preserving the character of the home.



Saving Money

There is nothing wrong with using reclaimed wood, barn doors, brick and even appliances that are still in great shape. Incorporating used items can save you a lot of money on your renovation, and this strategy also helps your project be more environmentally friendly by keeping perfectly good materials out of landfills.

Being Trendy

Barn wood accents are really hot right now, as are live edge tables, stained glass windows and all the other used elements you can reclaim from older buildings. Imagine – your guests walk up to the front door that features a beautiful window that was salvaged from a 1920s chapel. That’s a great way to create an entrance! Just wait until they see the sliding barn door to the playroom and the bar in the den that used to reside at the local watering hole.



Suiting a Purpose

What is the purpose of your renovation? Are you creating a teen hangout in the basement? Are you putting in a rental suite with income potential? Are you updating a vacation home? If you are renovating an area that will see high (and not always user-friendly traffic…ahem, teenagers!) or a space that is not frequently used, like a lakeside summer cabin, don’t be afraid to reach for used hardwood, used countertops and even used cabinets. Again, you can save a lot of money with used elements, but still get a great look with tons of character. The money you save can go into creating even more value in your permanent residence.

Used or New, Here’s How to Make Your Renovation a Success

No matter what type of materials you choose for your renovation – new or used – the way to have a successful project is to hire a knowledgeable contractor. Your contractor should know where to get quality used or reclaimed building materials as well as décor, accents and appliances. Your contractor should also know how to work with used and reclaimed materials – installing a heavy pizza stove on decking requires a lot more experience than placing a barbeque. Your contractor should be open to using both new and used elements in your renovation, and listen to your wishes on the final look, feel and function of the space you are creating.

Reuse, Reclaim, Renew

Call us today if you are considering any type of renovation. From kitchen renos to basement makeovers, master bedroom refreshes and spa bathrooms, we have the knowledge and experience to take that space to the next level. We love working with new as well as reclaimed items, because we know that new isn’t always better – it’s the look and feel of the final product that counts the most.