Home Building, Design and Renovation: Why Tradition Pays Off

What does the world “traditional” or “classic” mean to you? In the high-end renovating industry, those words are synonymous with quality, re-saleability, and value.  While there will always be trends and innovations in home design, there are some traditional elements that are, and will always be, timeless. For good reason too! Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some unfortunate trends that did not stand the test of time.

1.       Pastels and bright colours…everywhere!

As the 80s faded away and the early 90s took hold, the bold, bright colours in the fashion world spilled over into interior design. Pink walls, pastel green banisters, yellow cabinets – nothing was safe from a rainbow of vibrant colors or a mix of cool pastels. Homes were bright, bold and beautiful. They also quickly became dated and very difficult to sell without first swapping out those colours for neutrals. A home’s personality is not in its walls floors and appliances. It is in the homey touches that you bring to it. That heirloom quilt. That photo of your family. The kids’ artwork. Traditionally, homes were a blank slate that the homeowner customized. When interior design got away from that, homes became difficult to personalize. That trend quickly faded away, bringing back a neutral pallet that the homeowner could build on, and value that could be retained when it was time to sell.


2.       Wall to Wall Carpet

Warm, soft and cozy, there is no doubt that carpets have their place. However, today’s families are always on the go, and most families have at least one four-legged member in the house too. Floors used to be made of hardwood or other firm materials, but there was a time (ahem, 70’s shag carpets) when wall to wall carpeting in every room was utterly desirable. This made for dirty looking dining rooms as kids toppled bowls of spaghetti, and musty bathrooms as moisture built up under the rugs with each shower. Thankfully, we are back to carpeted bedrooms and dens, and the convenience of hard flooring in high-traffic areas of the home. With innovations in easy-to-maintain laminate flooring and tile, you never have to sacrifice quality or style to get a functional floor that works for your entire family.


3.       Fast, Cheap and Cookie Cutter

The family homestead used to stand for generations. It was a solid home that could be passed down for over a 100 years. A firm foundation, quality materials, expert craftsmanship and a lot of pride went into building homes. As the cost of materials went down and automation ramped up, it became faster and cheaper to churn out houses. Now, entire subdivisions can spring up in a year with row after row of identical houses. Laminate countertops, pressboard cabinets, skinny baseboards and not a wainscot in sight – cheap and fast comes at a price. These houses make great starters and help many deserving families get on the property ladder, but to really get the charm, elegance and most importantly – longevity – of a family home, you need a builder or renovator that understands what makes those homesteads and estate homes so durable and elegant. They take longer to build and the finishes are higher end, but homes build from traditional materials have a much higher value, and they retain that value for a much longer period of time too.

People talk about the “good old days” because those days just seemed better somehow. In the world of home building and renovation, those good old days of quality goods, highly skilled trades people and a dedicated focus on both form and function should never be in the past. Home Fix understands that some building and design elements are classics for a reason, and we are happy to enhance your house so it retains that value, peace and warmth for decades.