Why you Need to Upgrade Your Kitchen

There is a reason why the kitchen is called the “heart of the home”. Long gone are the days when company gathered in the parlour or drawing room, while the kitchen was tucked away in the back of the house so guests were spared the sights and sounds of meal preparation. Today, the kitchen is the star of the home where the family comes together and where guests gather. The home chef doesn’t want to be out of the action when the family and friends are in the home – nor should they be! The modern home places its kitchen squarely in the middle of it, making it one of the most important rooms in the house.

Are you making the most of this room? Here are four reasons why you need to upgrade your kitchen.

Function: To truly get the most out of your kitchen, it has to function; and that means more than having a fridge, stove, dishwasher and ample counter space. The kitchen must be open, airy and have enough room for people to cook in tandem and move comfortably in the space. The counters should have enough room to easily prep a big meal (like Christmas dinner). Storage and pantry space should be ample. If half your dishes and spices are in the basement due to lack of space, you do not have a functioning kitchen. An island or breakfast bar is a great way to allow guests and kids to comfortably be in the kitchen, chatting or doing homework, while not being in the way of the busy cook.

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 2.       Energy Efficiency:  Responsible home owners know that energy saving appliances are the way to go. With the current energy rebates and other programs available to Albertans, homeowners have no reason not to trade old, outdated appliances for eco-friendly, energy-saving new ones. In addition to the energy savings, updated appliances simply function better than their older counterparts. Don’t hang onto decades-old appliances that came with your house. They are not retro! They are inefficient. It’s time for a fridge that keeps food fresher, a stove that cooks with even heat (and once you get a warming drawer, you’ll never go back!), a dishwasher that runs silently and a freezer that doesn’t ice over every couple of weeks.


3.       Style: It’s not vain to want the kitchen of your dreams. You deserve a beautiful space where you and your family are comfortable and that you are proud to show off. Even if you don’t want or need to reconfigure the placement of your appliances and counters, plenty can be done to completely upgrade and modernize the look of the space: new backsplashes, change of cabinet colours, new hardware, better flooring, revamped countertops – it’s shocking how a few elements can give you a brand new kitchen that truly matches your personal style.


4.       Value: One of the highest return-on-value renovations you can do is to update the kitchen. Even if you have no plans to sell the home, it forms part of your estate. Your home, in the eyes of the bank, Canada Revenue Agency and the law, is an asset. Assets appreciate or depreciate. An updated, well-maintained home appreciates. A home that is hopelessly outdated and not appealing to buyers on the market, depreciates.

An experienced, qualified contractor that understands the importance of functionality, energy efficiency, style and value in a kitchen will work with you to design the space of your dreams. Your kitchen truly is the heart of the home. Everything revolves around it. Take care of this heart and your entire home will feel healthier, happier and serve you better for years to come.