Homefix Business Evolution and Timeline

Business evolution and timeline

At the young age of 13 Angelo began getting involved with the family restaurant business. He took interest in the startup of businesses and participated in the creation and planning stages of the restaurants, working with different architects and their visions to create a successful brand - A brand where people would bring their family's to eat.


Schooling - Architectural Design

In school Angelo took an interest in drafting. Through high school he practiced taking an object and making a perfect drawing it to the point where this object could be replicated exactly many times down to the highest tolerance of the thickness of the pencil lead. The fascination of actually creating something from scratch lead him to the study of rafting and architectural design. Through implementation he worked to create drawings from all angles and elevations, which would take a team to create. Today, this process is simplified using modern technology.

Angelo continued studying Architectural design through college and was fascinated by the mindset involved in creating things. He was mesmerized by the capabilities a computer regarding precise mathematical formulas - such as spreadsheets using the Viscal program, which lead to lotus 1-2-3, and eventually to the excel spreadsheets used today.

Angelo learned programing in the Fortran, Cobalt and pascal computer languages. This strong interest in computers and the mechanics of how a computer is built and operates using software and hardware lead to an Internet Network Administrator designation.

It was his love for Architectural design and computers that lead him to where he is today.


1983 – Santana Real Estate Ventures

Angelo Started a side-business called Santana Real Estate Ventures. It was named after one of his favourite singers, Carlos Santana from the group Santana. The business was primarily a weekend residential repairs business for home owners wanting to get small fix-up jobs done. The jobs were often small handyman jobs:

  • painting homes
  • repair things like leaky faucets leaking
  • carpet changes
  • baseboard repairs
  • door replacements or window replacements

It was successful for a couple years, and then Angelo decided to take on more.


1985 - Real Estate - 4-Plex

Angelo started with the purchase of a 4-plex. It needed lots of work regarding the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, as well as extensive remodeling and updating of the furnace, hot water tanks, and other costly upgrades.


1988 – Real Estate - 12-plex

After selling the 4-plex Angelo flipped and sold a 6-plex which lead him to the purchase of a 12-plex. This project required a total remodel in order to be a holding property and revenue stream. Having multiple projects under his belt, landlords and residential homeowners trusted his expertise paired with his educational background in architectural design and drafting.


1992 – Computer Careers

Angelo quit his City of Calgary job, which he had held for over 20+ years, to pursue a career in computers for the company Nortel. It was short lived due to the tech bubble burst in the early 2000’s, which had all jobs being farmed out overseas. After the bankruptcy of Nortel Angelo worked for companies like Prudential Steel and Collins Barrow. He soon found that technology was not where he wanted to be and honed in on his passion for design, remodeling, and home resale solutions.


2000 – The Foundation of HomeFix

Angelo transitioned full time into his company, 'Homefix', which he had created in 1992 and trademarked the name 'just in case'. The new company specialized in the residential and rental property market space. Angelo wanted to help clients turn their dream vision into a reality. Angelo felt his strong capabilities were in the design, remodel and resale solutions. By using his extensive computer skill-set in computer 3D imagining and his many years of construction expertise in building new and renovating, he found a niche for himself. He found that people believed in him and trusted he could create their vision and construct it using the highest-quality products, green technologies, and best practices. He was also known for being able to convey their input and thoughts into how the final result looked.


2010 – HomeFix Transitioned

After the housing boom, Angelo and his team found that there was a huge need for trustworthy and qualified contractors. This is when HomeFix transitioned to help clients with botched renovations from other renovators. 


2015 – HomeFix Today

HomeFix started changing their business model towards specialized renovations leading into home-building. They are also entering into the condo market, seeing that it is evolving into the primary type of housing due to the soaring cost of utilities, property taxes, and constant upkeep of homes. Homefix understands that today’s homeowners are interested in their lifestyle requirements, and balancing their busy work life requires a more relaxing environment for themselves and their families and friends.

Homefix specializes in the 3 core spaces of a home that head to lifestyle and comfort:

  • Kitchens
  • Basements
  • Bathrooms

They are now more successful than ever in their business of 'building dreams' and providing a level of comfort and lifestyle for their clients.