Re-emerging Design Trends of 2017

You’ve heard the saying, “there is nothing new under the sun.” That’s true, especially in the world of home design trends. The difference is, the trends get more refined and functional with each evolution, which is why you can still enjoy:

 Shag Carpeting

The wall-to-wall shag carpets of the 70s are usually the first thing to go during a home renovation, but this carpeting is making a big comeback. Instead of large areas of shag, however, today’s trend puts it in an area rug.

It makes sense – shag carpeting is durable and comfortable. As an area rug, it makes a great place to sit on the floor, or to accent a coffee table or ottoman. These shag area rugs add a warm and cozy feel to the room, so don’t shy away from them during the interior design phase of your home renovation.

Shag Carpet.jpg


When you think of cork, do you think of an old kitchen from the 60s? Don’t! Instead, think of cork as the sliced bread of sustainable flooring. Cork is a renewable and a recyclable resource. Cork trees can live for about two centuries– and you don’t need to cut them down when harvesting their bounty. Properly harvested cork is carefully removed from the bark of the tree, and the tree continues to produce more cork to replace what was taken.

These days, having as many green and eco-friendly elements in the home is more than fashionable. It’s a necessity. That puts cork, which makes for a beautiful, durable, highly functional floor, at the top of the list for most homeowners.


Although multi-coloured kitchen cabinets and pastel plastic banisters are passé, having pops of colour in your home decor is trending. For a long time, minimalism ruled the roost, allowing for only glass, chrome, steel and stark elements. Now, colour is coming back to allow home owners to express their individuality and personal style.

Some common ways renovators are using colour is to create an accent wall in a room, have coloured inset panels in the cupboards of an otherwise white-themed kitchen and accenting with colorful rugs, throw pillows or even appliances.

Don’t let colour scare you! It’s a cheerful way to liven things up, and to bring your favourite colour pallets into your dwelling.

 Tiles of Interest

A global economy has us taking elements from faraway lands and bringing them home. Sea glass elements in tile makes for a lovely backsplash in the kitten, as do terra cotta tiles inspired by the Mediterranean coast. Far East tiles with mosaic patterns and tiles made from polished pebbles are livening up bathrooms.

Subway tile has its time and place, but when you mix it up with globally-inspired tiles, you get works of art in the room.

Nice tile.jpg

White Out

Minimalism is still in, but for the purist, going all white – but with texture – is the next big thing. Mixing up white shag rugs with marble countertops, stone tiles and a textured accent wall really makes an all-white room pop. The textures add plenty of character and comfort, making the room look like a show stopping feature, but retaining the comfort you need for day-to-day living. Don’t worry too much about keeping an all-white room clean. Today’s fabrics, tiles and home décor elements are very durable and designed to be cleaned with ease. The best part is, when you are ready to change it up, you can easily add a pop of colour or incorporate some tiles from around the world and still be right on trend.

Design trends come and go, but the best way to determine if you are on point with your style is to ask yourself: does it date the room? Is it functional? Do I love it? If so, incorporate it and enjoy the unique space you created.