Ask an Expert Calgary Contractor: What’s the Difference between Luxury Renovations vs. Standard Renovations?

As an expert Calgary contractor with more than two decades of experience, we have seen and heard it all. We’ve worked with clients whose renovations included only premium luxury products like marble and hardwood. We’ve also worked with clients whose renovations were built around subway tile and laminate. Many of our renovation projects in Calgary are a mix of luxury and standard components.

Today we’ll tell you the difference between a luxury renovation and a standard renovation, and how to know which one is right for you.

Components of a Calgary Renovation Project

Let’s start by breaking down common renovation components and which products within those components are standard or luxury items. Remember, this is not an exhaustive list, but it will give you an idea of where to start when budgeting for your own renovation in Calgary.


Don’t Get Hung Up on Price

Do not get hung up on what is luxury and what is not! For example, cork flooring is considered a luxury item because it’s not as standard as basic tile or laminate. It’s also very trendy and eco-chic since it’s sustainable and imported. However, cork is not all that expensive. The same goes for ceramic tile. Some ceramic tiles are incredibly cheap, while other kinds are pure luxury with the price tag to prove it.

If your kitchen is well laid out and the cabinets are in good shape, you’ll save money by simply painting them and upgrading the hardware over gutting the kitchen and rebuilding the cabinets from scratch just to say they are “custom.”

Mosaic Floor Tiles

Mosaic Floor Tiles

Should Your Calgary Renovation be Standard or Luxury?

The choices you make for your renovation should be based on three things:

Budget: How much can you afford?

Function: Why are you renovating? To improve flow? To upgrade outdated rooms? To create a studio or home theatre? For resale?

Style: Never put something into your home that you don’t like just because it’s trending or a home renovation show on television said it’s the next best thing. Stick to the style you love. Even for resale, home buyers will know if your heart and soul is in it, as opposed to neutrals everywhere with no character or feeling.

Custom Hardware

Custom Hardware

If you can afford a multi-million dollar renovation, that’s great (call us….)! But you still need to make informed choices. Don’t put hardwood in your sunken basement – it’s too hard to regulate the humidity. Don’t plan on a stand up shower and separate tub if your bathroom is small. Think of how each room needs to work and what it should have for you to feel comfortable. If you like a sleek, clean modern look, then say yes to subway tiles. If you want an exotic colourful look, then look into custom mosaics and imported finishes. Think style and function first, and then, using your budget, decide which components will be luxury and which will be standard.

HomeFix Makes Any Renovation Look Luxurious

The right contractor knows how to blend standard renovation components with pops of luxury to give you affordable upgrades, maximum functionality, and the style you love.  HomeFix is one of Calgary’s top renovation experts because our attention to detail and precise execution on each project is unbeatable. We make every aspect of your renovation project in Calgary look perfectly finished and luxurious, whether it is a luxury or standard component. Call today to see us in action.