What Makes HomeFix Calgary’s Top Contractor and Renovator?

You have a choice of contractors and renovators in Calgary, so what makes HomeFix stand out? The competition is fierce, but the reasons why clients call, love and refer HomeFix for their home renovation and contracting needs are:

1.       HomeFix has decades of experience

With more than 25 years of experience, HomeFix has seen, done, fixed and built it all. This is a company that has exceeded client’s needs in up and down markets, through all kinds of trends and in every Calgary neighbourhood. You can’t put a price on the type of value this level of experience brings to your project.


2.       HomeFix listens

If you are a fan of home renovation shows on television, you’ll see the homeowners request a certain look or feel – and the host doing something different because they “just know the homeowners will love it.” That makes for good television, but a really poor customer experience in the real world. HomeFix listens to what you want and need from your project and strives to make you happy with the end result – while adding in their expertise when the clients need support.


3.       HomeFix educates

In addition to listening to what you need, HomeFix will make sure you understand all of your options and will prevent you from making a mistake. Perhaps you want to put real hardwood in your basement, but the basement is perpetually damp. Hardwood needs humidity regulation to prevent warping or cracking. Rather than allow for any wasted money on your part, HomeFix will show you options to adjust the basement’s climate or to install a more suitable flooring. For example, engineered hardwood would be much better choice – and it looks just like the real thing.



4.       HomeFix respects your budget

Renovations can add up quickly, especially in older homes where the walls might be hiding surprises like clay pipes or knob and tube wiring. Thanks to decades of experience, HomeFix can anticipate such surprises and account for them in the budget via an appropriate contingency plan. Beyond that, HomeFix’s outstanding relationships with suppliers and vendors means best pricing on top products for them. Those savings, of course, are passed right on to you.



5.       HomeFix has best business practices

It’s not enough to know how to do a really beautiful renovation or to have a better-than-average sense of home styling. To be truly effective, a Calgary renovation company must also be organized behind the scenes. This means all safety, training and journeyman tickets must be current. Billing practices must be efficient. Files must be secure. The way a company is run affects your project. HomeFix runs at peak efficiency.



6.       HomeFix respects your home

When HomeFix shows up to finish a basement, transform a bathroom, update a kitchen or turn a master bedroom into a private oasis, we know we are doing more than performing as Calgary’s top contractor. Your home has memories – it’s a space that has meaning to you and your family. HomeFix also knows that the dust, noise and work can be disruptive. Great care is taken to ensure minimal disruption to your routine as the renovation takes place, and every care is taken to give your home, and all its memories, the respect it deserves.


Kitchen BEFORE.jpg

Kitchen Reno: Before...

Kitchen Reno: After

Kitchen Reno: After


7.       Each project is exclusive

With hundreds of projects over 25+ years, HomeFix still knows that every project is exclusive, and brings all of the passion and excitement we felt on our first day of business to every single day on the job. HomeFix loves what we do and we love seeing customers enjoy the end results.

HomeFix stands out as one of Calgary’s top contractors and renovators for many reasons. Contact HomeFix today to experience why.